Looking for Software & App Startups

At Dhi Bridge we have a passionate for building the next-gen product based companies. Now we are also look at funding software and app based startups which will help us to achieve our vision to facilitate the creation of an intelligent and connected world. If you as startup and you answer the following three questions [...]

Mentored to Perfection

Just because a bird has wings, that does not mean it can fly; this is the rule, not the exception. Every startup should have at least one mentor who is an experienced person in the industrial vertical they have chosen to work within. Mentoring is one of the most valuable resources an incubator can offer [...]

Dhi $2000 Investor

Ideas and talent alone do not always make money. ¬†Unfortunately, most often, you need money to make money. The big question is how much money is really needed to start.   Entrepreneurs today have the notion that a good idea necessarily means that they need to find deep pocketed investors to fund them even before [...]