The Nest at Dhi Bridge is a place where knowledge and ideas come together to create product. This place where preparation meets opportunity. This is a place where a novice can turn an entrepreneur. This is the place where if you have knowledge and a revolutionary idea, where you want to be. This is the Nest of tomorrow.


At The Nest you will find stat of the art facilities to ensure that you the development process of products does not get hindered due to lack of any tools or components.  In addition to personalised kits for each incubated company, shared state of the art diagnostic and testing tools and a well stocked component store the  facility comforts and 100% power backup give no room for any delay in converting an idea to a prototype.


Mentors from diverse field work with us to help you overcome obstacles outside the realm of your expertise .  In case you require a subject matter specialist we will be able to help you through our networks to identify a person or a team of people who can guide you on your path to success. All incubated companies too are mentors for each other and through teamwork and collaborative thinking and working can metamorphosize their ideas to products.


Sincerity, honesty, hard work and cooperation are the core values we expect our incubatees to possess. These qualities are imperative to ensure that the Nest ecosystem works in harmony and creates products of the future.


In order to help incubatee companies focus on their core strengths and not get distracted by other aspects of running a company Dhi Bridge has associated with professional firms for you to consult with to ensure you are guided correctly from a establishing your company, compliances both company and taxation , human resources and legal aid.